FORWARD TO THE SECOND EDITION By Alexandra Billings Actress, Activist, Professor, Davina on “Transparent,” 2016, HRC Visibility Award Winner In our lifetime we are rarely privy to the inner workings of a spiritual and emotional journey towards true newness. That is rare when it happens with such wit and beauty and pure courage under fire. Scottie's life is filled with joyful chaos and the elegance in which she moves through it ignites the transition we all eventually go through. We grow up, we come apart and we move on. It is the human condition. Scottie has written this in her love for her life partner, in her devotion to her artistic self and in her hilarious look at the world at large through a Transwomen's lens. And so she speaks to us all, and so we are with her. And this is the great gift of both her story and the telling of it. We find ourselves on every page and our freedom in every event. You don't have to search long to hear your own voice even when the situations feel foreign. For it is her speaking to us with a clarity of honest inner reflection and the hope of carrying that with her, that is the summation of our journey through this world as humans. Scottie is heart-breakingly funny, and mysteriously beguiling. And so this book, in our lifetime, has given us a small window into the hardest thing any of us can possibly do: Live our story and then share it with as many as are willing. And hopefully, we do what the book allows us to do,  see who we are becoming because of who we once were. And that is the great gift of Scottie's story. Once in this lifetime. Alexandra Billings “I read Scottie’s book in one sitting. She is one of the most important new voices in the Trans community, a woman of intelligence, humor, and depth, who can articulate what we can’t, don’t or aren’t able to say for ourselves. Her courage to love and be loved is all the inspiration we need. I haven't read anything this important in years.” Alexandra  Billings Actress, Activist, Professor Davina on “Transparent,” 2016, HRC Visibility Award Winner